When considering employing a property manager, you may wonder if it is worth it?     All you really need is someone to pop by the property once in a while so what are you paying for?

Grenada Home & Villa Management offers more than just a visit, because 90% of the time, more than that is required.    Issues always arise whether it be burst pipes, problems with employees, pest control etc. We take on a certain amount of responsibility for your home and when property management is done well, it is not a quick, easy job.

You are employing someone who has a genuine care and interest in your house being safe and well looked after.     Additionally we are on the ground to inform you of problems, assist in dealing with them and communicate efficiently.


Package One

  • Ensuring windows and doors are locked/property secured.

  • Visit to home once a week to make sure everything is fine.

  • Periodically checking all appliances are operating correctly (if left running).

  • Checking mains water is running, flushing toilets periodically.

  • Basic management of employees.  Ensuring they are showing up on scheduled days and attending to requirements.

  • Making sure any lights you requested to remain on are working correctly.

  • Inform you of any urgent matters/maintenance that may arise.

  • Organising repair of any urgent maintenance (burst pipes etc. Reimbursable on your return unless you have left a cash float in our care).

  • Ensure that your pool (if applicable) is being tended to by your pool company.  Reporting any issues to them.

Package Two

  • Includes all items in Package 1. and in addition paying employees, utilities and other bills

  • Recording financial transactions pertaining to your property that have been directly organized through us and providing you with a breakdown and receipts.

Package Three (Tailored to rental property)

  • Includes Package 1. & 2. and is tailored towards a rental property.

  • Assisting with marketing your property, rates etc. Uploading this information to the various platforms.

  • Corresponding with renters, pre booking inquiries, questions, process of booking.

  • Collections of rental payment when and if needed and depositing to your local account.

  • Checking in and saying goodbye to your guests.

  • Purchasing groceries for their arrival (reimbursable by guests or yourself depending on arrangement).

  • Tending, caring and helping with problems they may encounter during their stay e.g. doctors, dissatisfaction with the villa, arranging car rental, tours, general needs, questions on Grenada etc.

  • Monitoring the general upkeep of the home including any plumbing, electrical and water problems.

  • Supervise all interior and exterior maintenance and repairs.

  • Scheduling Pest Control.

  • Ensuring your gardener or contracted services maintains the grounds and assist in getting garden equipment repaired if necessary, where privately owned.

  • Although we are not responsible for subcontracted services employed by yourself, we can advise you as to whether these services are going smoothly and according the schedule you are expecting.

  • Solving of any phone/internet connectivity problems or similar.

  • Arranging of A/C repairs.

  • Ensuring propane tanks are full and/or changed.

  • Provide assistance with heavy duty cleaning (spring cleaning) monthly, yearly or on an as needed basis.  We have staff that can assist with this at an additional cost.